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About Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation occurs when skin produces more melanin
which gives our skin its color.
There are are several reasons why hyperpigmentation is on the
hormonal changes that occur during various times in our lives may cause uneven skin tone or hyperpigmentation
– Some conditions may cause hyperpigmentation in older women
– Sunscreen isn’t worn daily and the importance of wearing
sunscreen isn’t widely known.
– Pollution is a less known cause of hyperpigmentation
according to research published in the Journal of
Investigative Dermatology
Prescription medications don’t always work and products
containing hydroquinone are unsafe. So what can you do
to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation?
1. Choose a skin lightening cream with the following:
a)safe botanical ingredients that are proven to diminish pigmentation
b) antioxidants to protect your skin from inflammation
c) natural anti inflammatory ingredients that may dimish the
years of damage from the environment and 
protect it from further damage – such as white
2. Use this cream even if you don’t already have visible
signs of damage. Prevention is better than cure!
3. Wear a sunscreen every day of the year.

 While it is a good idea to cover ones body and wear a

hat, it is still extremely important to wear a sunscreen
of at least SPF30